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Welcome to the sub-sub conscious. Tales of the dark side of our imagination that know truth our conscious mind feels threatened by. Lit Noir makes us participants. It transcends surface experiences. Here are the best stories, poems, reviews and articles of the first eight years.


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Who is Max Jordan? A free-lance copywriter in the Midwest who lives in the world of Film Noir. These three novels (with accomp-anying short stories) take us deeper and deeper into the world of “things are not what they seem.”

Plus, here’s a little key to the short stor, and how to write one in a long, single sitting. It includes examples and all the techniques you need.

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Max Jordan believes in dreams. Oh, not literally. He doesn’t think they can predict the future, for example; but, in some more subtle way, there is something more to them than most people realize. He says, they are like peripheral vision. And if we examine the incidental things in dreams, not those that seem to be the center of attention, they can offer some clues to truth below the surface, not of the dream, but below the surface of our lives. $2.99. Click: Geography of Sleep

Who Should Read Man With One Ear? Mystery Lovers: people who enjoy Ross MacDonald, Patricia Highsmith, Simon Brent, Lilian Jackson Braun and Raymond Chandler—writers who create psychologically complex plots and put them in settings which mirror their drama. $4.50; click: Man with One Ear

Meet Max Jordan. He’s a free-lance copywriter temporarily working as a security guard while he looks for a sister he has never met. Sometimes he has difficulty distinguishing between being awake and dreaming. Each night he reads a different story only to find himself living it the following day. Everything seems fine until he picks up The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Cost: $4.45. Click: Wolves Beneath Chicago

Here’s how to write a short story in one long evening, and Lehman has written hundreds of them. Only $3. Click: Around Midnight

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